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 ▼ January 2017
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Puerto Rico
Análisis Literario: Máscaras Crueles (por Pedro Antonio Valdez)
Earth’s Natural Wonders: Biobays
U.S. Military Presence in Vieques, Puerto Rico  
K & L Property Services, LLC  
Emigration of German Communities to Latin America  
Gaming Outside The Box: How Video Games Can Be Good For You
Tasty Disasters: Sofrito/Recaíto
Speaking Gato: Cats-Humans Vocal Interaction  
Ahogados en Desechos: Contaminacion Medioambiental en el siglo XXI
Rambling Rhymes: Ghost Lover  
Tasty Disasters: Yummy Banana Muffins  
Passersby: Chester Bennington

▼ August 2017

Into My Broken Mind: Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Rhydora Ruins (Intro)   
Lighten Your Burden: Understanding and Dealing with Emotion Pain  
Animal Cruelty: A Gateway to Social Violence  
Wild Pets: "Fifi" the Common Snapping Turtle  
How (many) smart(s) are you?: On Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences '

▼ September 2017
Identifying Misleading Headlines (BBH 101) 
Who Has the Best Care? (HPA 101)
When Social Policy Becomes Personal (HPA 101)   
Human Evolution: Origin and Evolution of Human Locomotion (ANTH 022)
          Determinants of Health (HPA 101)
Which is the Best Health Model? (HPA 101)
Multicultural Activity Based on the RESPECTFUL Model (RHS 301)

▼ October 2017
Impact of Federal Government Policies of 1940s - 1960s (HPA 101)
Bipedalism (ANTH 022)
Minor Cultural Differences Between Russians and Americans (CAS 270)  
Health Insurance, Private Market and (In)Equality (HPA 101)  
Understanding Health Care (HPA 101)
On Substance Abuse and Addiction (BBH 301)  

▼ November 2017

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